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Chain of White Nights pawnshops is a dynamically developing company that opens the doors for our beloved customers. We will help everyone to find an ultimate solution whether it is pawn or sale, appraisement services and so on.

You will appreciate working with us due to our system of progressive discounts and benefits. Helpful and friendly staff is always ready to help, professionally appraise your goods and pick up the best options.

We always respond to wishes of our customers. You can repay a loan ahead of time without paying any commission for it. If, on the contrary, there is no way for you to repay the loan on time, we are always able to discuss it with you and find out an ultimate solution such as granting a delay.

We appreciate our customers and their time! Our business hours are flexible and convenient. Many our stores work from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

You can give as a pawn or sell gems, jewelry, watch, fur coats, appliances and so on. One of the important rules of our pawnshop is to provide services to individuals who are at least 18 years of age.

In contrast with bank that requires you to provide it with many documents and wait for loan approval (or you can be even refused in it), you can get the money within the hour in our pawnshop and all you need for it is just to provide a minimum list of documents. Thus, contact us and you save your time and nerves.

Absolute confidentiality is one more advantage of our pawnshop. We are fully responsible for the safety of the pawned property.

We are glad to see you!

Условия займа:
Изделие закладывается сроком от 63 дней.
Минимальный срок погашения 63 дня.
Максимальный срок погашения 65 дней.
Что случится при неуплате в срок:
При не выкупе лот отправляется на торги.
Минимальная и максимальная процентная ставка:
Процентная ставка: до 22,05 % за период займа.
Годовая процентная ставка: 127,5%
Минимальная процентная ставка — 0,16 %, максимальная — 0,35%.


To get a security loan you need to provide us with your passport and 10 minutes of your time that enable us to issue all the necessary documents, conduct expert appraisement and verify the pawned goods.

You can find out all the information concerning interest rate and nuances of various pawns at the subject website pages such as antiques, diamonds, gold, coins, silver, appliances, watch, fur coats. The interest rate also depends on the pawn amount (the larger amount the lower rate). The average pawn period is no less than 63 days.

If the goods are not bought out, they will be tendered.

You can get a preliminary appraisement by sending a request via viber/whatsapp to tel:

Here is the example of loan calculation:

Golden ring, 2 g, 585 standard

Amount you get in hand: RUB 2840
Daily payment: RUB 12.21
Price per gram: RUB 1420
Interest rate is up to 24 % for the loan period
The minimum interest rate is 0.16 %, the maximum is 0.43 %.
The product is pawned for the period of no less than 63 days.
If it is not bought out, it will be tendered.


 Condition  Interest Rate  Main Period (days)  Grace Period (days)
Digital Devices, Furs, Watches  0,43%  3  30
 Gold, silver  0,43%  30  30
 Silver Discount Card
 Gold  0,31%  30  30

Our stores addresses:

METRO STATION Devyatkino, Privokzal’naya square, 3;
METRO STATION Mayakovskaya, Marata street, 4;

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