Acceptance as a pawn and buying up of jewelry with a diamond

If you have a jewelry with a diamond (or just a set of diamonds), and you are looking for a place to pawn or to sell it, we can offer you the services of our White Nights pawnshop.


  1. The size (weight) of the gem. The diamonds weight is measured in carats (1 carat is equal to 0.2 gr). The smallest diamonds weigh from 0.01 to 0.29 carats. The medium diamonds weigh from 0.3 to 0.99 carats. The cost of these gems depends only on its weight and international market prices. The most popular size of diamonds is 0.3 carats. The diamonds that weigh 1.0 carat or more are large ones. The cost of large diamonds is determined individually and depends on their clarity, color, rarity, origin, etc.
  2. The diamond color. Diamonds of one group can differ in a wide range of colors.
  3. The diamond clarity. This parameter indicates the presence of various inclusions and their quantity. The lower this parameter, the more expensive the diamond. There are special tables that help the experts to evaluate the clarity of the diamond.
  4. Gem-cutting and its quality. The quality of the cut is very important, since the cost of diamond with asymmetrical tables significantly drops down.
  5. Diamond quality level. The diamond should not be chipped, scratched or have any other defects.

So, the price of a diamond is determined after a complex appraisement of all the above characteristics. Since there are many diamond quality parameters, its final price can be established only by the jeweler-appraiser at the inspection. The difference in identical by sight diamonds by 1-2 points for any parameter entails a significant increase or decrease in value.

  • 0.3 carats is up to RUB 10000.
  • 0.4 carats is up to RUB 20000.
  • 0.5 carats is up to RUB 50000.
  • 1 carat is up to RUB 200000.
  • 1.5 carats is up to RUB 300000.

You can get a preliminary appraisement by sending 3 photos and pointing out diamond characteristics via viber/whatsapp to tel:

+7 (981) 190-17-13
+7 (981) 190-17-13